The wild beauty of Breton islands

Our coast has got a large amount of islands , with a striking character . You cannot miss them...

The 7 islands

Off the pink granite coast , very small islands emerge at water level . While embarking a motor boat you will enter the magical world of sea birds .
Unceasing movements of their
wings, noisy birds' calls will surround you in your cruise between feathers and foam.
Seven kilometres away from Ploumanac'h pink rocks , The seven islands are composed of Rouzic, Les Costans, Malban, Bono, L'ile aux moines , l'Ile Plate et Les Cerfs . 40 hectares overlooking the sea at high tide.
Noone lives there apart from 2 lighthouse keepers wo change their shift every fortnight.
On the Ile aux Moines , the largest , Cordeliers Monks came for prayers in that solitude in the 14th  and 15thcenturies .
Nowadays , this archipelago is a paradise for the birds .

The Batz island and his exotic garden

Charming little island , you  can reach from Roscoff (20minutes) ; ideal for a day trip .
Remarkable garden. Already mentioned in

île de Batz

Brehat, the flowers island

For a day trip , on foot or by bike ( you may hire a bike on the spot) .
Bréhat is a remarkable island which offers exceptional wildlife and floral .
Many species of seabirds live there and breed in harmony .
In Bréhat , the mild climate allows splendid flowers to grow .
You will admire the great variety of colours and fragrances .

les vedettes de Brehat

Verrerie d'art

Verreries de Bréhat - Un lustre d'inspiration Fernand Léger à l'hôpital d'Argentan

Créées en 1998 sur l’Ile de Bréhat par Yves NEUMAGER dans un ancien fort militaire, la Citadelle de Bréhat, Les Verreries de Bréhat conçoivent, fabriquent et commercialisent des gammes de quincaillerie décorative de luxe (boules d’escalier, appliques, poignées de portes, bouton de meubles…).

Leurs créations, mêlant verre, acier et métaux précieux sont d’une finesse rare et d’une élégance très moderne. Elles séduisent rapidement une clientèle de particuliers, d’hôtels et de boutiques de luxe. Les Verreries de Bréhat équipent par exemple le réseau (mondial) des boutiques DIOR Couture et Baby Dior.

L’entreprise a rapidement été reconnue pour son savoir-faire artisanal unique. En 2006, elle reçoit le label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » décerné par l’Etat Français en reconnaissance d’un savoir-faire rare et renommé.

​Verreries de Bréhat
02 96 20 09 09



Ouessant, the wild island

​Several reefs , strong currents for example the Fromveur .
It is a world of its own , along with the pulse of the storms .
It is closer to the universe of the ocean than to the world  of humans 

site d'Ouessant

Molène, little island with character

​On your way to Ouessant , you may call at Moléne


Embark the Pen Ar Bed company


We sail to the islands everyday .
Whatever the weather, everyday, the Penn ar Bbed Company operates between the continent and the islands .
That daily ncrossing has got a name : COURRIER .
Operating the crossing daily , sometimes in a rough sea , implies seaworthy ships which are reliable and well maintained , very well trained crews , and permanent care for the safety of the passengers .

 PENN AR BED Company

Penn Ar Bed Brest

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Penn Ar Bed Ouessant

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