The most beautiful gardens in Brittany, Côtes-d'armor and Finistere

In Brittany tou can find numerous remarkable gardens thanks to the mild climate , the exotic plants which have been brought back ffom far away voyages by explorers

Pellinec's garden

This recent garden has at first an ambition of harmony in the diversity, researches in the assembly of colors and the graphics, and integration in the remarkable site of the handle of Pellinec.

Kerdallo gardens

Recognized as a remarkable garden; splendid  park of 18 hectacres, overlooking the Tréguier river .There is such a large variety of species that it gives a blissful feeling all the year through

Les jardins de Kerdallo

Kestillic gardens

Superb exotic garden overlooking the Jaudy river and Tréguier town


La Roche Jagu estate

Several gardens in the estate : mediaeval  garden, rosary, palm grove …...
Moreover you will enjoy exhibitions in the castle and special events .
    A real must !

Domaine de la Roche Jagu

Exotic Roscoff's gardens

Exotic and subtropical species , ( that is to say plants from the southern hemisphere : South Africa, Australia, New Zealand , Chile, Argentina , Brazil ect )or from the Atlantic Islands such as the Canaries , Madeira, the Azores , but also from the northern hemisphere if we can consider them as exotic plants  (Mexican plants , particularly cacti, agaves, sawtooth , palm trees from China or elsewhere  ect ) .
At the moment 3500 different species can be found in the garden.
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Georges Delaselle's garden, on Batz island

Walking about the garden will take you through various landcapes .
The necropolis with its large lawn and good luck plant makes a green setting for the sepultures dated back to the bronze age discovered by G. D .
The  palm grove planted in sand , is composed of a wide range of palm trees and sub-tropical species.
When you reach the cross, you will discover the succulents all gathered in the cacti area .
The Maori Garden : displays phormiums with an extraordinary range of colours.
It is a prelude to the mediterranean atmosphere highlighted by the west terrace , overlooking the sea Through  the rock garden, scattered with bulb plants , one reaches the southern area , in the middle of the garden ; then one can admire a wide range of species from Australia and New Zealand .
0pposite the bed of legume trees , the grass garden reminds one of the sand dune vegetation .
The long perspective crosses the garden and leads to the blooming heath covered with armenia cushions.
This vista opens on to the continent , mainly the south and the distant exotic lands .

Jardins Georges Delaselle