Ecology, healthy materials, auto-building

An exciting adventure...

A child's dream : a cabin by the sea …...
Little by little the dream has come true, thanks to Philippe who has given me the confidence to realize the project. He  believed right from the start that I could do it, even when I was not entirely sure of myself .
Then I have embarked, also thanks to our friends who have taught me the techniques , lent me the first tools.

Firts and foremost, the wooden structure

​After a few visits which have allowed us to appreciate the warm atmosphere of straw houses, we have made up our minds, we would choose the wooden structure.
It is the only part of the building which has been made by technicians.
We have had that job done by professionals in Douglas pine, without any chemical treatment.

Then the bales of straw 

​​Then the bales of straw are added , forced in between the two upright posts of wooden structure ; they will then be coated to make a seal of daub outside (whitewashed )and of  soil inside . 

Coated with protective layers​...

Healthy materials

​We have used  healthy  materials only : several species of local wood : douglas, cypress, elm ….without any treatment, terracotta, whitewash, soil (local).
Insulation : straw, wood wool, hemp.
Biotic electricity, without any induced magnetic flieds.

5 years later... we would like to share this experience with you !